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remote command injection

check for web server parameters GET, POST HTTP header The semicolon is most common metacharacter used to test an injection flaw. The shell would run all the commands in sequence separated by the semicolon. It separates multiple commands on one command line. It runs the first command then the second

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Pentesting resources

Following are some resources but i will update as i find something interesting. These are by no means mine and i am just gathering good information around web. credit goes to original file content owner. windows privilege escalation http://www.bhafsec.com/wiki/index.php/Windows_Privilege_Escalation windows hacking pack https://github.com/51x/WHP windows and linux priv esc https://github.com/AusJock/Privilege-Escalation All

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ping sweep in python

This simple script will perform ping sweep, all you need to do is add header in file and make it executable.   import subprocess for ping in range(1,256): address = “127.0.0.” + str(ping) res = subprocess.call([‘ping’, ‘-c’, ‘1’, address]) if res == 0: print (“ping to”, address, “OK”) elif res

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