Month: October 2018

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Phishing campaign automation

  Following is script which automates phishing process. Needless to say, However it does following things. Credit goes to who ever designed it in first place, i only did modifications to my needs Prepares ubuntu environment Install free ssl for your domain install Iredmail for email management Installs GOPHISH Prints

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ping sweep in python

This simple script will perform ping sweep, all you need to do is add header in file and make it executable.   import subprocess for ping in range(1,256): address = “127.0.0.” + str(ping) res =[‘ping’, ‘-c’, ‘1’, address]) if res == 0: print (“ping to”, address, “OK”) elif res

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Red Team Phishing campaign setup part-2

In this part we will go through how to install phishing frenzy. its official website covers this aspect really well. this page explains how to install this tool in various platforms like Kali, Ubuntu, please refer to Just follow line to line and you should have no problems, once

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